Grading and Drainage Solutions

For most Long Island homeowners, their homes are one of the most important purchases made in a lifetime. A home is the literal foundation on which many people rest their lives, which is why it is so important to protect that home’s foundation with proper grading and drainage. At Country Setting Landscapes, we provide custom grading and drainage solutions for all types of homes and properties. Our unique knowledge of Long Island makes it so our creative and expert solutions stand the test of time, requiring only limited care and maintenance throughout the years.

We provide grading and drainage solutions as part of one of our custom landscape designs. Not only does this result in beautifully sculpted lawns and gardens, but efficient and functional outdoor spaces. Flooding and water seepage are real threats to homeowners in Nassau County and Suffolk County, which is why we offer the best drainage solutions around. Combine this with our expert landscape architecture and hardscaping, and there is no other service that can match our level of aesthetic and practical quality.

In the past, we have worked with countless Long Island homeowners to design and install grading and drainage landscape features with commendable results. We believe that just the right solution is out there for every outdoor space – the only thing missing is our designers to discover it! It is hard to ignore the effects of poor landscape drainage systems. Whether you are currently experiencing problems with excess water gathering in the home or yard, are installing a pool or other water feature, or would simply like to plan for the future, we are happy to visit your property for a full consultation.

Let us ensure that water is diverted away from the foundation and walls of your home. With our creative landscaping, we collect, transport and discharge water runoff to the right places, intelligently providing your property with water where it needs it most. Combine this with our stunning landscape design, and you are sure to love your Long Island lawn more than ever.

To learn more about our comprehensive drainage solutions, please contact us today at Country Setting Landscapes.