Natural Stone Patios

At Country Setting Landscapes, we believe that the best landscape design flows seamlessly through the natural environment. No matter what your style, whether traditional, quaint or modern, natural stone patios are a finishing touch that can take your outdoor aesthetic to new heights. To enhance the look of any area outside of your residence or business, whether the front entryway or the backyard, choose our natural stone, brick and paved patios.

With superior design and installation abilities, it is no wonder that more Long Island homeowners choose Country Setting Landscapes. We take great pride in our work, and believe in the value of using top-quality materials, all while taking the time and making the effort to complete only expert installation work. Many companies leave residential and commercial properties with haphazard work that requires a lifetime of maintenance – but with our craftsmen on the job, there is no need to wonder: you will get a superior result every time.

We bring actual samples of the natural stone we use to construct our patios when you schedule an on-site consultation. The materials we use come in a wide variety of colors and textures. What’s more, we offer the option to alter or stain natural stone, meaning we are able to create a virtually limitless set of looks for your property. Let us help you pick the right materials to achieve your goals, and build a beautiful, functional natural stone patio.

The benefit of our years of experience building natural stone patios in Nassau County and Suffolk County is that we know what works, depending on your specific needs and goals. Let us recommend the right style of natural stone structure for you, including patios, walkways, pool areas and fire pits. Next, let us tie it all together with our landscape design, which integrates site planning, drainage, plants and landscape architecture into one seamless and cohesive outdoor space.

To learn more about the styles and types of natural stone we use to construct patios across Long Island, please schedule a consultation with our team today at Country Setting Landscapes.